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Mining Industry Water Reclamation Systems

The mining industry comprises a wide range of operations and objectives for mineral acquisition. A strong water treatment and reclamation system is essential to the efficient washing of mined materials. Reclaiming the wash water as well as getting the solids out in an easy to handle form are critical.  JADAIRTM  Settler/Clarifier Systems (click here to learn more) allow closed loop reclycling of wash water and reclaim solids in a way that they can be handled with a loader. All this is done with very little interaction from plant personnel, greatly reduceing labor costs. Our industry knowledge has allowed us to create a line of equipment that withstands the tough conditions of mining while also being sustainable, compact, and cost effective.

Mining Industry Reclamation Solutions

Mining Industry Applications

JADAIR'STM  mining industry water reclamation solution, the JADAIRTM  Settler/Clarifier System can recycle 10 to 12,000 gallons of water per minute and more. The recycling process is applicable anywhere that inorganic particulate matter needs to be separated from water. This includes aggregate mining and washing, placer gold mining, frac sand operations, dimensionsl stone cutting, and more. The recycled water can be reused for washing and the newly separated solids can be handled in a variety of ways. In some areas they are able to be sold, thus turning what was a waste product, into a source of income!

Mining Industry Benefits

Utilizing a JADAIRTM Settler/Clarifier System allows the user to apply an articulate polymer treatment to condition the incoming water. The machine discharges water that is able to be used directly back at the plant. Solids are then removed with the machine’s paddle conveyor system. At this point, water remaining in the solids drains rapidly and can be recycled back to the machine without any additional equipment. It's fast and efficient.

The result of this reclamation system is recycled water that can be used back in the mining process and thick solids that can handled with a loader. All this is done while saving valuable time and space on the jobsite. Along with it's powerful recycling capabilties and a small foot print, the JADAIRTM water treatment system has the added benefit of reducing water losses due to ground seepage and evaporation. Extremely important characteristics for conserving water! Contact us today to learn more about how a Jadair Settler/Clarifier System can help you!

Mining Clarification Systems

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The JADAIR™ Settler/Clarifier puts an end to settling ponds. Much better than a simple thickener, our Settler/Clarifiers are used in dimensional stone, aggregate, mining and other operations to produce solids that can be handled, like solids!



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The JADAIR™ REDI-WASH™ Concrete Washout System has reclaiming and built in, closed-loop, water clarification, proving far superior to reclaim-only products. Unlike traditional reclaim-only systems, the REDI-WASHTM Concrete Washout System does it much better ... without ponds, pits, or presses.

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JADAIR REDI_WASH™ Washout System Reclaim and Clarify


JADAIR™ REDI-CLAIM™ reclaimers are a rugged, fast, reclaim-only solution for plants with existing ponds. Having the same rugged quality as our REDI-WASH™ Washout Systems, but without the built in water clarification, the REDI-CLAIM™ Washout System is designed to handle your concrete washouts quickly and get your drivers back on the road fast!

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JADAIR REDI-CLAIM™ Reclaiming Only

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