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Pressure Filter Systems



Pressure filter systems are a highly effective method for liquid-solids separation in dewatering or other applications. They provide clear liquids and drier solids that are easy to handle. These systems excel at clarifying a wide array of liquids from water and coolants to oils and phosphates. There is no better way to clarify your liquids and recover your solids than with pressure filter systems from JADAIRTM.


With a time proven design, and the latest automation, these pressure filter systems provide a completely automatic filtering solution for your process. Making plant operations easier, cleaner, and safer at the same time. With our fully automated system, contaminated liquid is pumped in and clarified liquid is reclaimed. Recovered solids are discharged automatically and can be collected in a bin or put on a belt conveyor for disposal. All this is done in a neat, compact design, saving space and keeping your plant clean.


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  • The system filter chamber is sealed to the filter media or cleanable belt.
  • Contaminated liquid is then pumped into the filter chamber.
  • Pump pressure forces the liquid through the filter media or cleanable belt.
  • The filtered liquid drains out and the solids remain inside the filter chamber.
  • After the cycle is complete, the filter chamber is opened and the solids are discharged.
  • The process then repeats itself automatically.





Pressure filter systems can be used in almost any industry or process where liquid solids separation is needed. Below are just some of the many applications where they can be found.


  • Crystallizers
  • Wet Scrubbers
  • Radioactive Processing
  • Juice processing
  • Frying Oils
  • Chemical processing


  • Parts Washers
  • Phosphate Systems
  • Semiconductor Processing
  • Sulfur Recovery
  • Cooling Towers
  • Alkaline/Caustic Baths
  • Metalworking Fluids and Coolants



JADAIRTM Concrete Washout Solutions provide concrete producers with ways to save time, space, and material resources. The concrete industry produces a large quantity of waste material. That material that can be reclaimed quickly and easily with a JADAIRTM Redi-Claim Reclaiming System or JADAIRTM Redi-Wash Washout System.

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JADAIRTM Water clarifying and solids recycling and recovery solutions provide compact, powerful, and efficient water treatment for processing of mined materials with NO ponds. JADAIRTM systems return clarified water to your operation all day, every day, while producing solids that are easy to handle with a loader.

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Conserving water and ensuring that crops are properly harvested and cleaned is vital. JADAIRTM systems can clarify wash water and reclaim it for re-use. Our water clarification systems can also be applied to other processes such as manure separation and more

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